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Lull in video room by Berni Searle

Together by Shi Tou



VERNISSAGE Part II: Thursday 10 October 18.00-20.00
EXHIBITION PERIOD: 10 October – 10 November
ARTISTS: Shi Tou (China), Berni Searle (South Africa) and Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg (Norway).

Welcome to "QUI VIVE!" Part II of the exhibition trilogy taking place at Kunstplass from September to December 2019.

Kunstplass is proud to present:

SHI TOU: At Kunstplass Shi Tou will exhibit pictures from three photo series “Under Water”, “Together” and “Yue fen pai / Family”. Shi Tou has created the photos together with her partner Ming Ming, and they serve as a documentation of their own lives, encounters, feelings, and dedication. The works contain (in)direct comments on (eco)feminism, LGBTI issues, over-consumption, environmental protection, social control and lack of freedom of expression. It is worth mentioning that in 2019, it is 30 years since the peaceful student protests and the dream of democracy was violently stopped by the authorities at Tiananmen Square. Hailed as “one of the most outstanding female artists in contemporary China” the pioneering and versatile Shi Tou, a professional painter-photographer-filmmaker, has been actively performing and exhibiting internationally since 1992.

BERNI SEARLE will exhibit two video installations at Kunstplass. Black smoke rising trilogy (2009-10), comprising Lull, Gateway and Moonlight and shown consecutively as single-screen projections was sparked by the rising levels of discontent in the South Africa. An insidious by product of these frustrations played itself out in the brutal wave of attacks against foreigners in 2008. The double screen projection Mute is a response to these xenophobic attacks. In 2019 it is 25 years since Apartheid fell, but South Africa is still characterized by racism and segregation. Born in in Cape Town in 1964, Berni Searle works with photography and the moving image. Often, but not exclusively, using herself in her work, she performs for the camera, producing works that explore issues of self-representation, the relationship between personal and collective identity and narratives connected to history, memory and place. Berne Searle is an international renowned artist born in Cape Town with an impressive bio including Venice Biennale, MOMA, Brooklyn Museum and numerous awards.

BENTE SOMMERFELDT-COLBERG'S installation "Time" is inspired by an hourglass and will be a supporting element throughout the exhibition period. The hourglass is traditionally a visualization of the past, present and future. The work "Time" symbolizes both hope and uncertainty as the sand flows over a glass sphere and spreads around the work. Sommerfeldt-Colberg got her education at the Art Academy in Bergen. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions including Kunstnerforbundet, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Oslo Kunstforening, Kongsberg Kunstforening, Østfold Kunstnersenter, Soft and seven times at The National Annual Autumn Exhibition at Kunstnernes hus.




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