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Ahmed Umar is a cross-disciplinary artist from Sudan, whose art encompasses sculpture, printmaking, painting and performance. Drawing from personal experience, his project looks at the death of the artist himself and one of his selves, represented firstly by a sarcophagus made to fit his body. Follow the artist at Instagram

Linn Cecilie Ulvin is a writer, visual artist and curator from Norway. She can be described as an all rounder in art working interdisciplinary with text, installation, collage, performance, sound, photography and curatorial work. She has a special focus on gender and sexual identity, through actions and ethical dilemmas.


MINA/MEG is a reworked edition of a larger exhibition organized by KP10 at the Historical Museum in Oslo in June/July 2016. In collaboration with TrAP it has also been shown at Small Project in Tromsø in September 2016 and at KiT in February 2017.  

About the artists

Zanele Muholi is a photographer and visual activist who for a decade has documented LGBTI life in post-apartheid South Africa. Muholi has lately turned the camera on herself to make portraits in which she is both participant and image-maker. In her new series Somnyama Ngonyama, meaning “Hail, the Dark Lioness”, she is through self-representation confronting the politics of race, xenophobia, and pigment in the photographic archive.

In 2016 Art Review has listed Muholi among the 100 most influential people in the contemporary artworld.

Read reportage in New York Times (Oct 2015): Zanele's Transformation

Follow Zanele Muholi on Instagram.

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