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Mari Røysamb’s sculpture «Submarine» is made of cast iron. When making the sculpture the artist was engaged in mental and bodily trapped portability. The notion of barely floating gravity. The sculpture can in principle accommodate a human inside - so it is essential that the work is 1: 1 size and hollow. This capsule protects while providing a strong sense of claustrophobia. Røysamb will also exhibit “Transit III” - a remade tent.

Røysamb studied at the Art Academy in Oslo and at the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo and Firenze. She has had several exhibitions (ie. Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo Kunstforening, Rogaland kunstnersenter, Sculpture biennale and National Annual Autumn Exhibition), partaken in large public art projects at hospitals and schools, and is represented at the Norwegian Bank, Art Council Norway and West Norway Museum of Decorative Art.



About the artists

Aesthetically the artists have a strong visual language and are very gifted craftswomen.

Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg’s "Troubled Water" is a floating world map of gold leaf rotating very slowly. “Time” is inspired by an hourglass and made of metal and glass. The difference from an hourglass is that the sand does not spill over into a second glass. The sand flows out over a crystal bowl and spreads on the floor around the artwork. The hourglass is traditionally a visualization of past, present and future.

Sommerfeldt-Colberg got her education at the Art Academy in Bergen. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions ie. Kunstnerforbundet, Sogn, og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Oslo Kunstforening, Kongsberg Kunstforening, Østfold Kunstnersenter, Soft gallery in Oslo and seven times at The National Annual Autumn Exhibition at Kunstnernes hus and twice at the Sculpture Biennale. Her art is represented in the collection of several cities, at the Art Council Norway and Braathens SAFE, and she had done public art commissions for the University of Tromsø and several schools.




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