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- Human Rights Human Wrongs Documentary Film Festival


Human Rights / Human Wrongs Exhibition 2016

Artists: Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg, Mari Røysamb and international film-makers

Stockholm: 21 - 24 April 2016 at Supermarket 2016 Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Svarta Huset, Telefonplan, Stockholm, Sweden

Oslo: 18 - 28 February 2016 at Kunstplass [10]

Wars, human wrongs and the refugee situation are complex, and often hard to comprehend from our safe haven in Norway. Our hearts must hence be open and reach out to refugees and other people who are struggling.

The two well-established contemporary artists Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg and Mari Røysamb are this year’s Human Rights Human Wrongs Exhibition artists. “Time” by Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg and “Submarine” by Mari Røysamb are complex and monumental sculptures appealing to recognition, and at the same time opening up for new interpretations. The contradiction in these works can give you a sense of unease and ambivalence.

“Troubled Water” will furthermore be a witness and reminder about ordinary people’s life and struggle to survive in war zones and as refugees. The exhibition will include two short films from Syria. You will go on a walk in the streets of Damascus with Azza through a camera hidden in her purse, in A Day and a Button (6:48) by Azza Al Hamwi. In the film Love during the Siege (15:35) by Matar Ismael you will meet Um Wassim and her family in their daily struggle to continue to live and love under the siege south of Damascus. These films have been produced by Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts and people in Syria who dare to continue to hope, to love, and to stay alive. Thanks to Syrian Peace Action Centre (SPACE) in Oslo who made it possible to show these films.

We hope that you in experiencing the art get an opportunity to discuss, reflect and contemplate about humanity, the current refugee situation and universal human rights/wrongs.

In February 2016 Kunstplass [10] organised the The Human Rights / Human Wrongs Exhibition in Oslo for the 5th consecutive year in collaboration with the Documentary Film festival with the same name. At Supermarket Kunstplass [10] is showing a reworked version of this exhibition.

Kunstplass[10] is an artist-driven venue for contemporary art in Oslo, Norway. Kunstplass [10] has presented numerous Norwegian and international artists with a variety of artistic expressions in more than thirty exhibitions since it was established in 2012. Thematically the exhibitions range from conceptual to political. Through contemporary art we wish to engage, challenge and surprise our audience.

The exhibition is supported by Fritt Ord, Agency for Cultural Affairs City of Oslo and Arts Council Norway. The participation at Supermarket is Supported by Office for Contemporary Art Norway.




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