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Zanele Muholi

Seminar: Queer art and activism 

Date: Saturday 22 June, 18:15-19:45
Place: Amalie Skram, Litteraturhuset (“Pride house”)
Organizers: FOKUS, SAIH, LLH and -kunstplass 5
Speakers: Zanele Muholi (South Africa) and Ellen Mortensen (Norway). Linn Cecilie Ulvin will open the seminar.

How do queer activists use art and aesthetic practices to draw public attention to the regimes of sex, gender and sexuality? This and other issues are raised in dialogue between photographer and visual activist Zanele Muholi (South Africa), feminist, queer activist and scholar Ellen Mortensen (Norway) and the audience.

Zanele Muholi is an award-winning South African photographer whose work reflects black lesbian identity. She has documented stories of hate crimes against the queer community to bring forth the realities of “corrective” rape and assault in post-Apartheid South Africa.

I embarked on a journey of visual activism to ensure that there is black lesbian visibility, to showcase our existence and resistance in this democratic society, to present a positive imagery of black lesbians.

I call this method the birth of visual activism: I decided to use it to mark our resistance and existence as black lesbians in our country, because it is important to put a face on each and every issue.

Faces & Phases is about our histories, struggles and lives on this queer mother planet: we will face our experiences regardless what they'll be, and we still move on.

Ellen Mortensen is the Director of the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research and a professor of comparative literature at the University of Bergen. Mortensen is the author of The Feminine and Nihilism: Luce Irigaray with Nietzsche and Heidegger (Scandinavian University Press, 1994) and Touching Thought: Ontology and Sexual Difference (Lexington Books, 2003), in addition to a number of articles on gender theory, feminist aesthetics, feminist philosophy and Anglo-American, French and Scandinavian literature. She has been a feminist and queer activist her whole adult life.

Linn Cecilie Ulvin is trained as a visual artist, a writer and an actor/director, and she works with emphasis on the written word, installation and performance. She also curates exhibits and does commissioned work within the art sector at large.


12 of Zanele Muholi portraits from the series "Faces & Phases" will be shown at -kunstplass 5.

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